miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

Lost in Berlin available!

Regular spanish readers: please don't panic, but this time I'm writing in english for a reason.

The only think I've never liked from my own blog was the language question. It's very simple: I've made a lot of friends here that doesn't speak spanish, and therefore I can't share with them my stories with this platform.

Fortunately, the technology and the Google-Multivac-On-Line translator may help me with this problem, so from now on this blog is also accessible for my no-spanish readers, sort of way of talking.

Anyway, here and in the right banner I do leave the link for the online translation. Enjoy!

Lost in Berlin, "english version"

Dedicated to Marco, framework after the translation.

P.S. Some jewels you can find with this tool so "from lost to the river":

  • "People passes tit in my lab" (La gente se lo pasa teta en mi laboratorio)
  • "They are going the panchito." (Se les va el panchito)
  • "Photos on the floor" (Fotos en el piso)
  • "But touch your nose" (Pero tócate las narices)

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Laura dijo...

Finally Deivid!!! :) Pero nada supera la version en espagnol... :P